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Benefits of being a Myths and Legends Member

By being a financial Member of Myths & Legends Australia Basketball Club Inc. you can contribute to the ongoing promotion and participation of Master’s basketball for Men and Women across Australia and around the world.

Myths and Legends provides a range of benefits to club members that come from being a part of the largest Master’s basketball club in Australia.

The comparatively small annual fee of $30 our members pay provides the following:

  • Opportunity for individuals to join Myths & Legends teams for tournaments.
  • Access to weekly Basketball Training venues.
  • Uniform management and additional loan uniforms for major tournaments.
  • Option to register via the Myths & Legends Play HQ registration process facilitates personal insurance coverage. 
  • Accommodation organised for tournaments, including holding deposits.
  • The provision of two Myths & Legends run masters tournaments per year in addition to Myths & Legends participation in Australian Masters games or Pan Pacific games.
  • Team management and pre-paid entry fees for registration at major tournaments.
  • Event and tournament schedule updates.
  • Access to defibrillators, first aid kits, basketballs, coaches’ bags, promotional banners and more.
  • Club administration support that includes software, data storage, promotion, grant apps, website maintenance, social media.
  • Organisation management that includes public liability insurance, incorporation registration, basketball association affiliations.
  • Regular newsletters and information updates.
  • Social networking, physical and mental well being.
  • Partial subsidy for tournament dinners and special club events.
  • Trophies for awards and gifts for international competitions.
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