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Our club is about enabling Men and Women of all skill levels to enjoy participating in Masters Basketball competitions across Australia and Internationally. With a heritage going back to the first Australian Masters Games played in Hobart in 1987, Myths and Legends regularly fields a large number of teams in the World Masters games, the Australian Masters Games, the Pan Pacific Games and numerous smaller tournaments including our own Handicap tournament at Bulleen in July of each year.

  The 17th Australian Masters Games were held from 5-12 October 2019 in Adelaide. Myths entered 24 teams in Adelaide (9 Women, 15 Men).

- The Club entered the first ever men's over 80 team in Australian competition

- The Club entered our largest ever spread of age groups - women from 0/30 to 0/65, men from 0/30 to 0/80.

Reports from Team Managers:

Womens’ Teams by Sue Watson

This tournament we had 9 women’s team entered.

Over 30 Team

As there were only 2 teams entered, they played in a combined 30B/35A/40A competition. They won the Gold Medal 38 to 19 against Breakers.

Over 40 Team

This competition was a combination of 35B/40B. They won the Gold Medal 37 to 29 against Aces.

Over 45 Team

There were 4 teams entered in this age group. They won the Bronze medal 41 to 20 against Hardly Minions.

Over 50 Teams

We had 2 teams entered in this age group. There were 2 pools in this competition. Myths Blue were in Pool A and Myths White in Pool B.

Myths Blue fought hard but didn’t make medal games and Myths White were defeated in the Bronze Medal game 21 to 29 against Woman in Black.

Over 55 Teams

We had 2 teams entered in this age group. Both teams made medal games. Myths Blue finished with Silver going down 24 to 25 in overtime against She Devils and Myths White lost to Simply Reds 29 to 26.

Over 60 Team & Over 65 Team

This competition was a combination of 60B/65A/70A. The 60 team won the Gold Medal 18 to 15 against Cactus. The 65 team won the Gold Medal 47 to 12 against Territory. There was also a medal game for the combined age group which Myths White 65+ won gold & Myths Blue 60+ won Silver 23 to 17.

Summing up, I feel Myths Women’s teams had a great tournament bagging 5 Gold, 2 Silver & 1 Bronze Medal and most importantly, no injuries. Many of our 1st time players were very impressed with Myths & Legends as a club and are keen to play in Pan Pacs.

Men’s Report - 45+ by Graeme La Fontaine

Our 45+ team played in a combined 45 B and 50 B competition. There were 2 pools of 4 team.

All up there were three 45+ teams and five 50+ teams.

Pool A consisted of the 3 x 45+ teams and 1 x 50 + team. The 50 + team was our 50 + Red team which was also made up of 4 players from the 45 + team.

Originally the organizes had us all playing at the same time but after speaking with them I organized for the 45 + and 50 + team to be playing one after the other. When it came time to play against each other we split the teams up to try and make it even.

The 45+ team finished 3rd in their pool and in the cross over game played the 2nd team in the other pool. They lost this game and then played off for placing in the combined competition.

For the guys who only played in the 45 + age group their competition was over on Thursday which was not ideal. Normally at most tournaments’ teams play on the final day even if is just a make-up game.

In theory we should have been gifted a Bronze medal but this did not occur.

We had 3 new players play for us. Trevor Baud, David Thompson and Napoleon Rodezno which is good for the future of this age group. Both Trevor and David will continue to play with us.

Men’s Report - 0/60 & 0/65 teams by Ian Farr

Over 60 B team

Number of players. We had 7 players, losing Charles Lawoko before the Games began, however we added Carey with the one-year younger rule change. Peter Rayner our only big player who injured his knee early in the week.

There were 4 teams in the competition, we played 5 games in total. We lost 25 to 58 to Hobart Faders in the bronze medal game. We were permitted to play an 0/65 player (Howard Jacob) in this final.

Over 65 B team

The team was made up of 8 players as follows:

2 over 65 players- Nick Vass and John Ketelaar (Peter Birch pulled out due to his heart attack).

4 over 70 players

2 over 75 players

We performed quite well considering the team was only put together when there was no room for the two 0/65B players in the 0/65A team, and the organisers wanted a fourth team in the 0/70 competition.

The team won a bronze medal when we beat Adelaide Masters 28 to 15 in the bronze medal final. The team also won a gold medal being the only 0/65 B team.

Over 65A team

We had 9 players; 8 of these players also played in other teams (mostly 0/65B)

There were 5 teams in the competition – Unis-ex (1st), Adelaide Red (2nd), Adelaide Masters (3rd), Megabucks and ourselves.

We finished 4th, beaten 22-27 by Adelaide Masters in the bronze game

Men’s Report – 70’s by Greg Peck

Originally 3 x 70+ teams were entered 2 from M&L and one from Adelaide. To make a 4 teams’ competition an 65B and 70+ players team from M&L were entered into a 65B /70+ competition.

The competing teams in this grade were M&L Blue, M&L White, M&L 65B/70, and Adelaide Masters.

Final placing in this comp were

M&L Blue Gold

M&L White Silver

M&L 65B/70 Bronze

The 70+ final placings were

M&L Blue Gold

M&L White Silver

Adelaide Masters Bronze

Injuries took its toll on all teams.

The overall Medal results were:


Gold Medals:         10


Silver Medals:        7


Bronze Medals:     7


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